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 3 Doors DownAway from the SunKV10249637Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 3LWNo More (Baby I'ma Do Right)KV10251350Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 98 DegreesMy EverythingKV10249355Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Aaron HallAll The Places (I Will Kiss You)PH13466Party Tyme
 a-haSummer Moved OnKV10253182Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 AJRSober UpKV10253157Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 AlabamaThe Closer You GetKV10251855Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Albert FarringtonIt's a Long Way to TipperaryKV10253821Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Alejandro SanzAprendizKV10253595Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 All-4-OneSomedayPH12170Party Tyme
 Aly & AJChemicals ReactPH22588Party Tyme
 Aly & AJChemicals ReactPY22588Party Tyme
 Aly & AJGreatest Time of YearPH22589Party Tyme
 Aly & AJGreatest Time of YearPY22589Party Tyme
 Aly & AJPotential Breakup SongPH17387Party Tyme
 AmerieTake ControlKV10250272Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 AmerieTalkin' to MeKV10250271Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Andrea BocelliLove Me TenderKV10249439Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Andrea BocelliWhen I Fall in LoveKV10250667Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Andrea BocelliWhen I Fall in Love (feat. Helene Fischer)KV10252228Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Arctic MonkeysTeddy PickerKV10251553Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ashley McbrydeA Little Dive Bar In DahlonegaPH02904Party Tyme
 Ashley McbrydeA Little Dive Bar In DahlonegaPY02904Party Tyme
 Axelle RedElle danse seuleKV10249958Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Axelle RedLe monde tourne malKV77408Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 B2KBump Bump BumpKV10251060Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 B5Get'cha Head In The GamePH18881Party Tyme
 Bad CompanyHoly WaterKV10253660Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bad CompanyRock 'n' Roll FantasyPH02909Party Tyme
 Bad CompanyRock 'n' Roll FantasyPY02909Party Tyme
 Baddiel & SkinnerThree LionsKV10252993Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Barenaked LadiesBrian WilsonKV10253083Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Barenaked LadiesOne WeekPH02908Party Tyme
 Barenaked LadiesOne WeekPY02908Party Tyme
 Basement JaxxRed AlertKV10253184Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 BelliniSamba de JaneiroKV439426Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ben FoldsLandedKV10249921Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ben PlattFound / TonightKV10249633Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Billy CurringtonGood Directions And Turnip GreensPH00399Party Tyme
 Billy CurringtonGood Directions And Turnip GreensPY00399Party Tyme
 Billy TalentTry HonestyKV10253538Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Blake SheltonDrink On ItPH00291Party Tyme
 Blake SheltonDrink On ItPY00291Party Tyme
 Blake SheltonMine Would Be YouPH00772Party Tyme
 Blake SheltonMine Would Be YouPY00772Party Tyme
 Blues Brothers 2000Turn On Your Love LightKV10250119Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bob DylanTangled Up in BlueKV10251700Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bobby ValentinoSlow DownPH23981Party Tyme
 Bobby ValentinoSlow DownPY23981Party Tyme
 Box Car RacerThere IsKV10253822Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 BrandyHappyPH12730Party Tyme
 Brantley GilbertCountry Must Be Country WidePH00220Party Tyme
 Brantley GilbertCountry Must Be Country WidePY00220Party Tyme
 Brantley GilbertThe Ones That Like MeKV10252907Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Brian McKnightFall 5.0PH22807Party Tyme
 Brian McKnightFall 5.0PY22807Party Tyme
 Bridgit MendlerHurricanePH00509Party Tyme
 Bridgit MendlerHurricanePY00509Party Tyme
 Bridgit MendlerReady Or NotPH00925Party Tyme
 Bridgit MendlerReady Or NotPY00925Party Tyme
 Bridgit MendlerThis Is My ParadisePH15138Party Tyme
 Bridgit MendlerThis Is My ParadisePY15138Party Tyme
 BringsPolka, Polka, PolkaKV10250430Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Brooks & DunnAin't Nothing 'bout YouKV10252093Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 CalogeroAvant toiKV10249990Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 CalogeroDu côté de chez SwannKV10253007Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Calum ScottYou Are the Reason (Duet with Ilse DeLange)KV10249702Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Cardi BBe CarefulKV10250165Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Carly PearceHide The WinePH02924Party Tyme
 Carly PearceHide The WinePY02924Party Tyme
 Carly SimonMockingbirdKV10250847Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Celine DionBecause You Loved MePH00113Party Tyme
 Celine DionBecause You Loved MePY00113Party Tyme
 Céline DionQui peut vivre sans amour ?KV10249794Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Charlie MarsLet The Meter RunPH22991Party Tyme
 Charlie MarsLet The Meter RunPY22991Party Tyme
 Charlie PuthThe Way I AmKV10252984Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Chino & NachoChica IdealPH45065Party Tyme
 Christina AguileraReflectionPH12624Party Tyme
 Christina AguileraReflectionPY12624Party Tyme
 Christina MilianCall Me, Beep MePH14651Party Tyme
 City HighWhat Would You DoKV10251276Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Clara LucianiLa grenadeKV10251177Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Clean BanditSoloKV10249703Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 CNCOSe vuelve locaKV10253156Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Coeur de pirateSomnambuleKV10253537Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Crystal GayleWhen I DreamKV10250078Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Dana GloverThinking OverKV10251511Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Daniel CaesarBest PartKV10251359Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & TichThe Legend of XanaduKV10251555Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 David Lee MurphyEverything's Gonna Be AlrightPH02912Party Tyme
 David Lee MurphyEverything's Gonna Be AlrightPY02912Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoCatch MePH16944Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoDon't ForgetPH16501Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoDon't ForgetPY16501Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoGift of a FriendPH16943Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoHeart AttackPH00444Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoHeart AttackPY00444Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoMade In The USAPH23024Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoMade In The USAPY23024Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoNeon LightsPH00813Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoNeon LightsPY00813Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoSoberKV10251854Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Demi LovatoSoloPH16946Party Tyme
 Demi Lovato & Joe JonasThis Is MePH16837Party Tyme
 Demi Lovato & Joe JonasThis Is MePY16837Party Tyme
 Demi Lovato ft. Cher LloydReally Don't CarePH01390Party Tyme
 Demi Lovato ft. Cher LloydReally Don't CarePY01390Party Tyme
 Dick RiversNice baie des angesKV10250359Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Dierks BentleyWoman, AmenPH02905Party Tyme
 Dierks BentleyWoman, AmenPY02905Party Tyme
 DisturbedStrickenPH02903Party Tyme
 DisturbedStrickenPY02903Party Tyme
 DisturbedThe NightPH02914Party Tyme
 DisturbedThe NightPY02914Party Tyme
 DJ ÖtziThe GamblerKV10249436Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Dolly PartonBurning To BurnedPH20736Party Tyme
 Dolly PartonBurning To BurnedPY20736Party Tyme
 Dolly PartonSilver and GoldKV10253111Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Dolly PartonStraight TalkPH20735Party Tyme
 Dolly PartonStraight TalkPY20735Party Tyme
 Donna SummerThis Time I Know It's For RealPH13600Party Tyme
 DorfrockerUnd ab geht die Lutzzzi...KV10252422Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Doug StoneI Never Knew LovePH21316Party Tyme
 Dove CameronBetter In StereoPH22685Party Tyme
 Dove CameronBetter In StereoPY22685Party Tyme
 Drowning PoolBodiesPH02910Party Tyme
 Drowning PoolBodiesPY02910Party Tyme
 Eddy MitchellL'esprit grande prairie (La même tribu 2)KV10249424Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Eddy MitchellThat's How I Got To Memphis (La même tribu 2)KV10249890Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Eddy MitchellVieille canaille (La même tribu 2)KV10250572Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Edie Brickell & New BohemiansCirclePH07022Party Tyme
 Edie Brickell & New BohemiansCirclePY07022Party Tyme
 El Libro De La Selva (Pelicula)Busca Lo Mas VitalPH44858Party Tyme
 El Rey LeonHakuna MatataPH44925Party Tyme
 El Rey LeonYo Quisiera Ya Ser El ReyPH44926Party Tyme
 Electric Light OrchestraCan't Get It Out of My HeadKV10252930Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Elton John & Leann RimesWritten In The StarsPH13162Party Tyme
 Elvis PresleyHe Touched MeKV10249420Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Elvis PresleyI'm Counting on YouKV10250097Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Elvis PresleyLead Me, Guide MeKV10252395Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Elvis PresleySlicin' SandKV10252130Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Elvis PresleyWear My Ring Around Your NeckPH10664Party Tyme
 Elvis PresleyWear My Ring Around Your NeckPY10664Party Tyme
 Eric ChardenL'été s'ra chaudKV149612Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Eric ClaptonIt's in the Way That You Use ItKV10249410Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Eros RamazzottiStella GemellaKV10251602Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 EstelleLove The Way We Used ToPH23016Party Tyme
 EstelleLove The Way We Used ToPY23016Party Tyme
 Florida Georgia LineSimplePH02917Party Tyme
 Florida Georgia LineSimplePY02917Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraYesterdayKV10250557Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Franz BeckenbauerGute Freunde kann niemand trennenKV10251554Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Freddie HartEasy LovingKV10249847Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 from the movie AladdinA Whole New WorldPH11741Party Tyme
 from the movie AladdinA Whole New WorldPY11741Party Tyme
 from the movie Beauty & The BeastBe Our GuestPH11739Party Tyme
 from the movie Beauty & The BeastBe Our GuestPY11739Party Tyme
 from the movie Bug's LifeThe Time of Your LifePH01657Party Tyme
 from the movie Bug's LifeThe Time of Your LifePY01657Party Tyme
 from the movie Disney's CinderellaA Dream Is A Wish Your Heart MakesPH21919Party Tyme
 from the movie Disney's CinderellaA Dream Is A Wish Your Heart MakesPY21919Party Tyme
 from the movie Disney's CinderellaBibbidi Bobbidi BooPH21922Party Tyme
 from the movie Disney's CinderellaBibbidi Bobbidi BooPY21922Party Tyme
 from the movie EnchantedHappy Working SongPH17193Party Tyme
 from the movie EnchantedHappy Working SongPY17193Party Tyme
 from the movie EnchantedSo ClosePH17194Party Tyme
 from the movie EnchantedSo ClosePY17194Party Tyme
 from the movie EnchantedThat's How You KnowPH17192Party Tyme
 from the movie EnchantedThat's How You KnowPY17192Party Tyme
 from the movie EnchantedTrue Love's KissPH17195Party Tyme
 from the movie EnchantedTrue Love's KissPY17195Party Tyme
 from the movie FrozenDo You Want To Build A SnowmanPH22767Party Tyme
 from the movie FrozenDo You Want To Build A SnowmanPY22767Party Tyme
 from the movie FrozenFrozen HeartPH22835Party Tyme
 from the movie FrozenFrozen HeartPY22835Party Tyme
 from the movie FrozenLove Is An Open DoorPH23010Party Tyme
 from the movie FrozenLove Is An Open DoorPY23010Party Tyme
 from the movie HerculesOne Last HopePH12253Party Tyme
 from the movie HerculesOne Last HopePY12253Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalBreaking FreePH18876Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalBreaking FreePY18876Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalStart of Something NewPH18874Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalStart of Something NewPY18874Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalStick To The Status QuoPH18873Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalStick To The Status QuoPY18873Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalWe're All In This TogetherPH18882Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalWe're All In This TogetherPY18882Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalWhat I've Been Looking ForPH18872Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalWhat I've Been Looking ForPY18872Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalWhat I've Been Looking For (Reprise)PH18879Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalWhat I've Been Looking For (Reprise)PY18879Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalWhen There Was Me And YouPH18880Party Tyme
 from the movie High School MusicalWhen There Was Me And YouPY18880Party Tyme
 from the movie Mary PoppinsSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousPH12104Party Tyme
 from the movie Mary PoppinsSupercalifragilisticexpialidociousPY12104Party Tyme
 from the movie MulanReflectionPH01609Party Tyme
 from the movie MulanReflectionPY01609Party Tyme
 from the movie NewsiesSeize The DayPH21921Party Tyme
 from the movie NewsiesSeize The DayPY21921Party Tyme
 from the movie Oliver And CompanyWhy Should I WorryPH21918Party Tyme
 from the movie Oliver And CompanyWhy Should I WorryPY21918Party Tyme
 from the movie Peter PanNever Smile At A CrocodilePH16042Party Tyme
 from the movie Peter PanNever Smile At A CrocodilePY16042Party Tyme
 from the movie PocahontasListen With Your HeartPH21758Party Tyme
 from the movie PocahontasListen With Your HeartPY21758Party Tyme
 from the movie PocahontosColors of the WindPH11736Party Tyme
 from the movie PocahontosColors of the WindPY11736Party Tyme
 from the movie PocahontosIf I Never Knew YouPH11737Party Tyme
 from the movie PocahontosIf I Never Knew YouPY11737Party Tyme
 from the movie Sleeping BeautyI WonderPH12110Party Tyme
 from the movie Sleeping BeautyI WonderPY12110Party Tyme
 from the movie So Dear To My HeartLavender Blue - Dilly DillyPH12107Party Tyme
 from the movie So Dear To My HeartLavender Blue - Dilly DillyPY12107Party Tyme
 from the movie TangledI See The LightPH16719Party Tyme
 from the movie TangledI See The LightPY16719Party Tyme
 from the movie The Jungle BookThe Bare NecessitiesPH21920Party Tyme
 from the movie The Jungle BookThe Bare NecessitiesPY21920Party Tyme
 from the movie The Lion KingHakuna MatataPH11734Party Tyme
 from the movie The Lion KingHakuna MatataPY11734Party Tyme
 from the movie The Lion KingI Just Can't Wait To Be KingPH11735Party Tyme
 from the movie The Lion KingI Just Can't Wait To Be KingPY11735Party Tyme
 from the movie The Little MermaidKiss The GirlPH20415Party Tyme
 from the movie The Little MermaidKiss The GirlPY20415Party Tyme
 from the movie The Little MermaidUnder The SeaPH11742Party Tyme
 from the movie The Little MermaidUnder The SeaPY11742Party Tyme
 from the musical AidaA Step Too FarPH13947Party Tyme
 from the musical AidaA Step Too FarPY13947Party Tyme
 from the musical Beauty And The BeastBeauty And The BeastPH00110Party Tyme
 from the musical Beauty And The BeastBeauty And The BeastPY00110Party Tyme
 from the musical Mary PoppinsA Spoonful of SugarPH01049Party Tyme
 from the musical Mary PoppinsA Spoonful of SugarPY01049Party Tyme
 GarbageOnly Happy When It RainsKV10252943Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gary AllanHer ManKV10249848Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gauvain SersComme si c'était hierKV10250386Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gauvain SersDans la bagnole de mon pèreKV10250398Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gauvain SersPourvuKV10193510Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 George StraitRunKV10252133Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gerry GuthrieDid She Mention My NameKV10253522Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gilbert BécaudL'aventureKV10252098Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gloria EstefanDon't Wanna Lose YouKV10249580Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Grace Potter And The NocturnalsParis (Ooh La La)PH22953Party Tyme
 Grace Potter And The NocturnalsParis (Ooh La La)PY22953Party Tyme
 Grace Potter And The NocturnalsStarsPH23196Party Tyme
 Grace Potter And The NocturnalsStarsPY23196Party Tyme
 Grégory LemarchalDe temps en tempsKV77750Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Grégory LemarchalLe feu sur les planchesKV10250392Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Grégory LemarchalPromets-moiKV79062Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Guus MeeuwisJe staat niet alleenKV10250130Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Guus MeeuwisPer spoor (Kedeng kedeng)KV10249920Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Hannah MontanaBest of Both WorldsPH22580Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaBest of Both WorldsPY22580Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaBigger Than UsPH22593Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaBigger Than UsPY22593Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaGood And BrokenPH16836Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaGood And BrokenPY16836Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaI Got NervePH22583Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaI Got NervePY22583Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaIf We Were A MoviePH22581Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaIf We Were A MoviePY22581Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaI'll Always Remember YouPH16722Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaI'll Always Remember YouPY16722Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaJust Like YouPH22594Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaJust Like YouPY22594Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaLife's What You Make ItPH16733Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaLife's What You Make ItPY16733Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaMake Some NoisePH22595Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaMake Some NoisePY22595Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaNobody's PerfectPH16589Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaNobody's PerfectPY16589Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaOne In A MillionPH16727Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaOne In A MillionPY16727Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaOrdinary GirlPH17165Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaRock StarPH16729Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaRock StarPY16729Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaThe Other Side of MePH22582Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaThe Other Side of MePY22582Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaThis Is The LifePH16731Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaThis Is The LifePY16731Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaTrue FriendPH22596Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaTrue FriendPY22596Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaWe Got The PartyPH16732Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaWe Got The PartyPY16732Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaWho SaidPH22584Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaWho SaidPY22584Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaYou And Me TogetherPH22597Party Tyme
 Hannah MontanaYou And Me TogetherPY22597Party Tyme
 Harry Simeone ChoraleThe Little Drummer BoyPH00706Party Tyme
 Harry Simeone ChoraleThe Little Drummer BoyPY00706Party Tyme
 HeartLove AlivePH07023Party Tyme
 HeartLove AlivePY07023Party Tyme
 Hervé VilardL'idiotKV10250395Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Hilary DuffWhat Dreams Are Made OfPH14978Party Tyme
 Hilary DuffWhat Dreams Are Made OfPY14978Party Tyme
 Hubert KahEngel 07KV10250482Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Hue and CryLabour of LoveKV10249884Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Idina MenzelLet It GoPH00690Party Tyme
 Idina MenzelLet It GoPY00690Party Tyme
 India ArieLittle ThingsPH14623Party Tyme
 James BayWild LoveKV10252734Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Janie FrickeI'll Need Someone to Hold Me (When I Cry)KV10252163Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Jasmine ThompsonSweet Child o' MineKV10253206Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Javier SolisLlorarasPH44676Party Tyme
 Jean-Luc LahayeDjemila des lilasKV10250385Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Jean-Luc LahayeIl faudrait que tu reviennesKV10250384Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Jean-Luc LahayePlus jamaisKV10250387Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Jena LeeDu styleKV10249796Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 JeniferJ'attends l'amourKV10250412Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 JeniferL'amour fouKV10250411Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 JeniferQue reste-t'il ?KV10249680Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Jennifer HudsonCircle of LifePH18631Party Tyme
 Jennifer HudsonCircle of LifePY18631Party Tyme
 Jennifer LopezSecretlyPH17698Party Tyme
 Jill ScottIt's LoveKV10253112Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Jilted JohnJilted JohnKV10250666Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Joe Jonas & Demi LovatoMake A WavePH16718Party Tyme
 Joe Jonas & Demi LovatoMake A WavePY16718Party Tyme
 Joe LongthorneAlways on My MindKV10252410Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 John AndersonParadisePH21941Party Tyme
 John AndersonParadisePY21941Party Tyme
 John MamannLaissons-les rêverKV10249682Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 John Michael MontgomeryLong As I LivePH22000Party Tyme
 John Michael MontgomeryLong As I LivePY22000Party Tyme
 John WaiteMissing YouPH02889Party Tyme
 John WaiteMissing YouPY02889Party Tyme
 Johnny HallydayDeux étrangers (Live Tour Eiffel 2000)KV122867Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Johnny HallydayExcuse-moi partenaireKV10249679Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Johnny HallydayExcuse-moi partenaire (Stade de France 2009)KV10249677Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Johnny HallydayJ'ai besoin d'un amiKV10249668Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Johnny HallydayJe n'ai jamais pleuréKV10249681Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Johnny HallydayLa fin du voyageKV10249684Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Johnny RiversMountain of LoveKV10251176Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Josh GrobanGrantedKV10250707Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Josh GrobanSymphonyKV10249804Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Josh GrobanThe Little Drummer BoyPH19050Party Tyme
 Josh GrobanThe Little Drummer BoyPY19050Party Tyme
 K.T. Oslin80's LadiesKV10249663Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kathy MatteaMaybe She's HumanKV10252131Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Keith Urban ft. Julia MichaelsComing HomePH02913Party Tyme
 Keith Urban ft. Julia MichaelsComing HomePY02913Party Tyme
 Kenny LogginsDanny's SongKV10253543Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kevin SpaceySimple Song of FreedomKV10252241Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kids UnitedPrendre un enfant par la mainKV10249646Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 KlimaMein Herz schlägt für DichKV10252959Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kyu Sakamoto (坂本 九)Sukiyaki (上を向いて歩こう)KV10250848Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 L.T.D.Back In Love AgainPH02911Party Tyme
 L.T.D.Back In Love AgainPY02911Party Tyme
 La Bella Y La Bestia (Pelicula)Bella Y BestiaPH44864Party Tyme
 La Casa de PapelBella CiaoKV10253126Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 La CenicientaBibidi Babidi BuPH44960Party Tyme
 La Sirenita (Pelicula)Bajo El MarPH44865Party Tyme
 LââmPetite soeurKV81331Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Lara FabianLa lettreKV76039Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Lauren ChristyThe Color of the NightPH21548Party Tyme
 LeaZu dirKV10253005Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 LeAnn RimesThese Arms of MineKV10253154Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Lee BriceI Drive Your TruckPH00520Party Tyme
 Lee BriceI Drive Your TruckPY00520Party Tyme
 Lenny KravitzLowKV10252095Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 LeslieDes mots invinciblesKV10249792Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Liam PayneFamiliarKV10251327Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Liane FolyJardin d'hiverKV10136343Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Lil' JonLovers and FriendsKV10250357Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Linda EderThe Little Drummer BoyPH16350Party Tyme
 Linda RonstadtOoh Baby BabyPH02906Party Tyme
 Linda RonstadtOoh Baby BabyPY02906Party Tyme
 Loud LuxuryBodyKV10251368Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Luke BryanRain Is A Good ThingPH00922Party Tyme
 Luke BryanRain Is A Good ThingPY00922Party Tyme
 Luke CombsI Got Away with YouKV10251047Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 M. PokoraJuste un instantKV144905Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Magic SystemZouglou dance (joie de vivre)KV94783Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Maître GimsJe te pardonneKV10249946Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Maître GimsLaissez passerKV10249956Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mandy MooreWhen Will My Life BeginPH16717Party Tyme
 Mandy MooreWhen Will My Life BeginPY16717Party Tyme
 Marcos HernandezIf You Were MineKV10250137Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Maroon 5 & Julia MichaelsHelp Me OutPH02717Party Tyme
 Maroon 5 & Julia MichaelsHelp Me OutPY02717Party Tyme
 Maroon 5 ft. SZAWhat Lovers DoPH02701Party Tyme
 Maroon 5 ft. SZAWhat Lovers DoPY02701Party Tyme
 Martin Garrix & Dua LipaScared To Be LonelyPH02456Party Tyme
 Martin Garrix & Dua LipaScared To Be LonelyPY02456Party Tyme
 Martina StoesselAll'alba SorgeròKV10251232Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mary PoppinsSupercalifragilistico EspialidosoPY44937Party Tyme
 Mean GirlsIt RoarsKV10253003Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mean GirlsSomeone Gets HurtKV10253001Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mean GirlsWorld BurnKV10251889Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Meghan TrainorNo ExcusesPH02826Party Tyme
 Meghan TrainorNo ExcusesPY02826Party Tyme
 Melody (Nathalie Lefebvre)Y'a pas que les grands qui rêventKV10253004Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Merle HaggardFootlightsKV10252779Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Michael BoltonGo The DistancePH12173Party Tyme
 Michael BubleYou've Got A Friend In MePH15171Party Tyme
 Michael BubleYou've Got A Friend In MePY15171Party Tyme
 Michael BubléFeeling Good (Live David Foster & Friends)KV10252926Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Michael SchulteYou Let Me Walk AloneKV10250107Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mike DenverWaltz Medley (Live)KV10251676Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Miley Cyrus7 ThingsPH23391Party Tyme
 Miley Cyrus7 ThingsPY23391Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusAs I AmPH22590Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusAs I AmPY22590Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusCan't Be TamedPH23485Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusCan't Be TamedPY23485Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusI Miss YouPH16734Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusI Miss YouPY16734Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusRight HerePH22598Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusRight HerePY22598Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusSee You AgainPH23956Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusSee You AgainPY23956Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusThe ClimbPH24051Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusThe ClimbPY24051Party Tyme
 Mitchell TenpennyBitchesKV10253851Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mon LaferteTu falta de quererKV10252396Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 MonicaSo GoneKV10253127Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Myriam AbelDonneKV81412Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 NamikaJe ne parle pas françaisKV10250100Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Naomi ScottShe's So GonePH22312Party Tyme
 Naomi ScottShe's So GonePY22312Party Tyme
 Nathan SykesKiss Me QuickKV10251878Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night SweatsShoe BootKV10250938Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Neil DiamondMorningsideKV10250846Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Nick CaveRed Right HandKV10252060Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Oli P.Flugzeuge Im BauchKV10250937Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 P!nkJust Like FirePH02172Party Tyme
 P!nkJust Like FirePY02172Party Tyme
 Pat BenatarI Need a LoverKV10252229Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Patrick FioriLa ballade des jeux interditsKV10252999Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Patsy ClineFaded LoveKV10250410Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Paul McCartneyCome On to MeKV10251809Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Paul PichéHeureux d'un printempsKV10251139Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Peabo Bryson & Regina BelleA Whole New WorldPH11331Party Tyme
 Peabo Bryson & Regina BelleA Whole New WorldPY11331Party Tyme
 Pet Shop BoysDomino DancingPH20006Party Tyme
 Pet Shop BoysDomino DancingPY20006Party Tyme
 Pet Shop BoysOpportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)PH17536Party Tyme
 Pharrell WilliamsSangria WineKV10251952Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Postmodern JukeboxEx's and Oh'sKV10252421Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Randy Travis1982KV10252061Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Rev TheoryHell YeahPH07024Party Tyme
 Rev TheoryHell YeahPY07024Party Tyme
 Ricardo Montaner & MichelleUn Mundo IdealPH43844Party Tyme
 Rik MayallNoble EnglandKV10251059Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Rita OraGirlsKV10250653Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Robert MizzellThe Gambler MedleyKV10251926Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Roberta FlackWill You Still Love Me TomorrowKV10252774Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ross LynchHeard It On The RadioPH00443Party Tyme
 Ross LynchHeard It On The RadioPY00443Party Tyme
 Roy OrbisonGo, Go, GoPH16523Party Tyme
 Roy OrbisonIn DreamsPH10069Party Tyme
 Roy OrbisonIn DreamsPY10069Party Tyme
 Roy OrbisonRunning ScaredPH10071Party Tyme
 Roy OrbisonRunning ScaredPY10071Party Tyme
 Run DmcDown With The KingPH20855Party Tyme
 Run DmcDumb GirlPH19442Party Tyme
 Run DmcDumb GirlPY19442Party Tyme
 Run DmcMy AdidasPH19443Party Tyme
 Run DmcMy AdidasPY19443Party Tyme
 Run DmcYou Be Illin'PH18293Party Tyme
 Sam HuntDowntown's DeadKV10251843Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 SantianaMiss AmericaKV10250420Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Scouting for GirlsHeartbeatKV10250139Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 SeetherBrokenPH02888Party Tyme
 SeetherBrokenPY02888Party Tyme
 Selena GomezBack to YouKV10249438Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Selena GomezShake It UpPH15133Party Tyme
 Selena GomezShake It UpPY15133Party Tyme
 Sex PistolsAnarchy in the U.K.KV10252096Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Shawn ColvinAll Fall DownPH01785Party Tyme
 Shawn ColvinAll Fall DownPY01785Party Tyme
 Shawn MendesFallin' All In YouKV10249793Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Shawn MendesNervousKV10250782Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Shawn MendesNo PromisesKV10250079Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Shawn MendesPerfectly WrongKV10252129Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Sofi Tukker ft. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa UenoBest FriendPH02804Party Tyme
 Sofi Tukker ft. NERVO, The Knocks & Alisa UenoBest FriendPY02804Party Tyme
 Stacey KentJardin d'hiverKV10096309Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 StaindBelievePH02907Party Tyme
 StaindBelievePY02907Party Tyme
 StingSend Your Love (Album Version)KV10253832Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Takagi & KetraAmore e capoeiraKV10253148Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Tanya TuckerIt's A Little Too LatePH10774Party Tyme
 Tanya TuckerIt's A Little Too LatePY10774Party Tyme
 Tanya TuckerSan Antonio StrollKV10250122Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Tanya TuckerTwo Sparrows In A HurricanePH10782Party Tyme
 Tedeschi Trucks BandMidnight in HarlemKV10250688Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 ThaliaNo me acuerdoKV10253661Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Beach BoysKokomoPH10971Party Tyme
 The Cuff LinksTracyKV10251710Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The CultLil' DevilKV10252998Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Dead SouthIn Hell I'll Be in Good CompanyKV10252962Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The JuddsLove is AliveKV10251552Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Jungle BookTrust in Me (The Python's Song)KV10251263Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The KinksApemanKV10251410Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The KinksTill the End of the DayKV10252092Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The New Christy MinstrelsChim Chim ChereePH20338Party Tyme
 The New Christy MinstrelsChim Chim ChereePY20338Party Tyme
 The NylonsKiss Him GoodbyeKV10249662Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Toy Story (Pelicula)Yo Soy Tu Amigo FielPH44877Party Tyme
 Tracy ByrdThe Keeper of the StarsPH11833Party Tyme
 Tri YannSi mort à morsKV10252991Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Uncle KrackerFollow MePH23606Party Tyme
 Uncle KrackerFollow MePY23606Party Tyme
 Vanessa WilliamsColors of the WindPH18178Party Tyme
 Vanessa WilliamsColors of the WindPY18178Party Tyme
 ViolettaAlcancemos Las EstrellasPH45240Party Tyme
 ViolettaEn Mi MundoPH45249Party Tyme
 ViolettaHoy Somos MasPH45223Party Tyme
 ViolettaSer MejorPH45202Party Tyme
 ViolettaTe CreoPH45203Party Tyme
 Violetta (Diego Dominguez)Yo Soy AsiPH45140Party Tyme
 VolbeatFor EvigtKV10252925Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Welshly ArmsSanctuaryKV10251719Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Whitney HoustonWho Would Imagine A KingPH12036Party Tyme
 Whitney HoustonYou Were LovedPH12034Party Tyme
 Willie NelsonHeaven Is ClosedKV10251496Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Willie NelsonLast Man StandingKV10253536Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Winnie The PoohWinnie The PoohPH44946Party Tyme
 WynonnaOnly LovePH11014Party Tyme
 WynonnaOnly LovePY11014Party Tyme
 YandelEncantadoraPH45446Party Tyme
 Yannick NoahMétis(se)KV10249797Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Years & YearsIf You're Over MeKV10252974Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 ZZ Ward365 DaysPH22608Party Tyme
 ZZ Ward365 DaysPY22608Party Tyme
 ZZ WardPut The Gun DownPH23116Party Tyme
 ZZ WardPut The Gun DownPY23116Party Tyme
 ZZ WardTil The Casket DropsPH23283Party Tyme
 ZZ WardTil The Casket DropsPY23283Party Tyme
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