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 Ace of BaseCruel SummerPH12817Party Tyme
 Adam LambertGhost TownPH01822Party Tyme
 Adam LambertGhost TownPY01822Party Tyme
 AlabamaSong of the SouthKV10241557Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 AlabamaTennessee RiverKV10241560Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Alain ChamfortAdieu mon bébé chanteurKV10240891Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Alain SouchonS'assoir par terreKV10238992Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Alan WalkerAlonePH02411Party Tyme
 Alan WalkerAlonePY02411Party Tyme
 Alan WalkerFadedPH02107Party Tyme
 Alan WalkerFadedPY02107Party Tyme
 Alejandra GuzmanDe VerdadPH40302Party Tyme
 Alejandra GuzmanMi Peor ErrorPH45045Party Tyme
 Alejandra GuzmanPara MiPH45205Party Tyme
 Alejandra GuzmanPara MiPY45205Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezAmor De LunaPH40311Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezComo Quien Pierde Una EstrellaPH40327Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezLa Mitad Que Me FaltabaPH40314Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezLlorando PenasPH40356Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezMoo NegroPH40358Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezNube ViajeraPH40336Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezQue Seas Muy FelizPH40318Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezSi He Sabido AmorPH40345Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezTantita PenaPH40348Party Tyme
 Alejandro FernandezTe Voy A PerderPH40349Party Tyme
 Alejandro Sanz & LenaTu CorazonPH40394Party Tyme
 Aleks SyntekDe Noche En La CiudadPH40397Party Tyme
 Aleks SyntekIntocablePH40399Party Tyme
 Alesha DixonThe Boy Does NothingPH24048Party Tyme
 Alesha DixonThe Boy Does NothingPY24048Party Tyme
 Alex GaudinoI'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)PH23708Party Tyme
 Alex GaudinoI'm In Love (I Wanna Do It)PY23708Party Tyme
 Alicia VillarrealCon La Misma PiedraPH40438Party Tyme
 Alicia VillarrealTe Quedo Grande La YeguaPH40440Party Tyme
 Ana Torroja & Aleks SyntekDuele El AmorPH40398Party Tyme
 Andreas GabalierVerdammt lang herKV10242761Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Andy GrammerFresh EyesPH02535Party Tyme
 Andy GrammerFresh EyesPY02535Party Tyme
 Angelica MariaDos ArbolitosPH45352Party Tyme
 Anita LipnickaI wszystko się może zdarzyćKV10239170Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 AquaBarbie GirlPH02541Party Tyme
 AquaBarbie GirlPY02541Party Tyme
 AquaHappy Boys And GirlsPH22240Party Tyme
 Aretha FranklinDrown in My Own TearsKV10239633Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 ArgentHold Your Head UpPH02601Party Tyme
 ArgentHold Your Head UpPY02601Party Tyme
 Ariana Grande ft. Iggy AzaleaProblemPH01367Party Tyme
 Ariana Grande ft. Iggy AzaleaProblemPY01367Party Tyme
 Ariana Grande ft. The WeekndLove Me HarderPH01741Party Tyme
 Ariana Grande ft. The WeekndLove Me HarderPY01741Party Tyme
 Arlo GuthrieAlice's RestaurantKV10241712Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 AtcAround The World (La La La La La)PH14253Party Tyme
 Avenged SevenfoldBeast and the HarlotKV10239634Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Avenue QSpecialKV10241900Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Avicci ft. Rita OraLonely TogetherPH02699Party Tyme
 Avicci ft. Rita OraLonely TogetherPY02699Party Tyme
 Avril LavgineRock N RollPH23135Party Tyme
 Avril LavgineRock N RollPY23135Party Tyme
 Avril Lavigne & Chad KroegerLet Me GoPH24260Party Tyme
 Avril Lavigne & Chad KroegerLet Me GoPY24260Party Tyme
 AxelAfinidadPH45241Party Tyme
 Backstreet BoysGet Down (You're The One For Me)PH14195Party Tyme
 Backstreet BoysNobody But YouPH14197Party Tyme
 Backstreet BoysQuit Playing Games (With My Heart)PH13196Party Tyme
 Backstreet BoysThat's The Way I Like ItPH14206Party Tyme
 Backstreet BoysWe've Got It Going OnPH14194Party Tyme
 Bad Boys BlueA Train To NowherePH22615Party Tyme
 Bad Boys BlueA Train To NowherePY22615Party Tyme
 Banda El RecodoAcabame De MatarPH40637Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandGolden DawnPH18843Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandGolden DawnPY18843Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandHideawayPH18849Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandHideawayPY18849Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandIt's Up To YouPH18848Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandIt's Up To YouPY18848Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandLetting GoPH18841Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandLetting GoPY18841Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandNight of My LifePH18847Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandNight of My LifePY18847Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandWithout Your LovePH18846Party Tyme
 Barbra StreisandWithout Your LovePY18846Party Tyme
 Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb(Our Love) Don't Throw It All AwayPH18842Party Tyme
 Barbra Streisand & Barry Gibb(Our Love) Don't Throw It All AwayPY18842Party Tyme
 Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbAll The ChildrenPH18845Party Tyme
 Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbAll The ChildrenPY18845Party Tyme
 Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbCome TomorrowPH18850Party Tyme
 Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbCome TomorrowPY18850Party Tyme
 Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbStranger In A Strange LandPH18844Party Tyme
 Barbra Streisand & Barry GibbStranger In A Strange LandPY18844Party Tyme
 Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough of Your LovePH12456Party Tyme
 Barry WhiteI Only Want To Be With YouPH12461Party Tyme
 Barry WhiteI've Got So Much To GivePH12458Party Tyme
 Barry WhiteLove Is The IconPH21685Party Tyme
 Barry WhiteLove Is The IconPY21685Party Tyme
 Barry WhitePractice What You PreachPH12459Party Tyme
 Barry WhiteWhat Am I Going To Do With YouPH12454Party Tyme
 Barry WhiteYou're The First, The Last, My EverythingPH12455Party Tyme
 BasshuntersNow You're GonePH23871Party Tyme
 BasshuntersNow You're GonePY23871Party Tyme
 BastilleOf The NightPH23874Party Tyme
 BastilleOf The NightPY23874Party Tyme
 BazziMinePH02857Party Tyme
 BazziMinePY02857Party Tyme
 Beatrice EgliVerliebt, verlobt, verflixt nochmalKV10239952Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Becky GSin PijamaKV10241364Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 BelanovaPaso El TiempoPH44651Party Tyme
 Berk & The Virtual BandSex BombKV10241795Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 BermudasNo Voy A TrabajaPH40672Party Tyme
 Bertie HigginsKey LargoPH19712Party Tyme
 Billie Jo SpearsQueen of the Silver DollarKV10241072Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Billy EckstineA Sunday Kind of LovePH14840Party Tyme
 Billy EckstineA Sunday Kind of LovePY14840Party Tyme
 Billy JoelKeeping the FaithKV10241769Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bing CrosbyToo-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (That's an Irish Lullaby)KV10239145Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bingo PlayersCry (Just A Little) (Remix)PH23521Party Tyme
 Bingo PlayersCry (Just A Little) (Remix)PY23521Party Tyme
 Black SabbathChangesKV10240814Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 BlackbearDo Re MiKV10233082Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Blake SheltonI Lived ItKV10240472Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 BlueToo CloseKV10240544Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bob StewartThat Ole Devil Called LovePH13384Party Tyme
 Bob StewartToo Late NowPH13400Party Tyme
 Bobby VeeDevil or AngelKV10239889Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bobby VeeRubber BallKV10239618Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bonnie RaittLover's WillKV10242258Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Booty LuvBoogie 2 NitePH23458Party Tyme
 Booty LuvBoogie 2 NitePY23458Party Tyme
 Boy Meets GirlWaiting For A Star To FallPH02870Party Tyme
 Boy Meets GirlWaiting For A Star To FallPY02870Party Tyme
 Brenda LeeLet's Jump The BroomstickKV10242661Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Brett EldredgeThe Long WayPH02868Party Tyme
 Brett EldredgeThe Long WayPY02868Party Tyme
 Britney SpearsIf U Seek AmyPH23719Party Tyme
 Britney SpearsIf U Seek AmyPY23719Party Tyme
 Britney SpearsI'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A WomanPH14387Party Tyme
 Britney SpearsTill The World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix)PH19218Party Tyme
 Britney SpearsTill The World Ends (The Femme Fatale Remix)PY19218Party Tyme
 Brotherhood Of ManFigaroKV10240381Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Bruno MarsVersace On The FloorPH02458Party Tyme
 Bruno MarsVersace On The FloorPY02458Party Tyme
 Buddy HollyI'm Gonna Love You TooKV10242203Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Buddy RichardTu Cario Se Me VaPH40715Party Tyme
 Cafe TacubaIngrataPH40722Party Tyme
 Cafe TacubaLas BatallasPH40723Party Tyme
 Calum ScottYou Are the Reason (Duet Version)KV10241942Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Calvin HarrisOne KissKV10241906Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Carlos GardelCuesta AbajoPH40780Party Tyme
 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With MePH01985Party Tyme
 Carly Rae JepsenRun Away With MePY01985Party Tyme
 Carly Simon & James TaylorMockingbirdPH02871Party Tyme
 Carly Simon & James TaylorMockingbirdPY02871Party Tyme
 Carrie UnderwoodCry PrettyKV10240602Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Celtic WomanThe Parting GlassKV10241927Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Chad Kroeger ft. Josey ScottHeroPH23648Party Tyme
 Chad Kroeger ft. Josey ScottHeroPY23648Party Tyme
 Charles AznavourLe droit des femmesKV10239351Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Charlie LandsboroughWhat Colour Is The WindKV10243382Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Charlie PuthChangeKV10241611Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Charlotte NilssonTake Me to Your HeavenKV10242686Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 ChayanneMadre Tierra (Oye)PH45261Party Tyme
 Cher Lloyd ft. T.I.I WishPH22939Party Tyme
 Cher Lloyd ft. T.I.I WishPY22939Party Tyme
 Chino & Nacho, SanluisSe AcaboPH45455Party Tyme
 Chino & Nacho, SanluisSe AcaboPY45455Party Tyme
 Clean BanditStrongerPH01770Party Tyme
 Clean BanditStrongerPY01770Party Tyme
 Clean Bandit ft. Julia MichaelsI Miss YouPH02762Party Tyme
 Clean Bandit ft. Julia MichaelsI Miss YouPY02762Party Tyme
 Cliff RichardVisionsKV10243381Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Cliff RichardWill You Still Love Me TomorrowKV10241559Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 CocoLa LloronaKV10243005Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Cole SwindellBreak Up in the EndKV10243239Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Collin RayeOne Boy, One GirlKV10241603Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Cornelio ReynaEl AndariegoPH40959Party Tyme
 Cornelio ReynaLagrimas De Mi BarrioPH40960Party Tyme
 Cornelio ReynaLos Borrachos No Son MachosPH40958Party Tyme
 Cornelio ReynaMe Cai De La NubePH40961Party Tyme
 Cornelio ReynaMe Caiste Del CieloPH40962Party Tyme
 Cornelio ReynaMe Sacaron Del TenampaPH40963Party Tyme
 Cornelio ReynaQue Se Junten Nuestros BrazosPH40964Party Tyme
 Counting CrowsA Long DecemberPH02872Party Tyme
 Counting CrowsA Long DecemberPY02872Party Tyme
 Craig David7 DaysKV10241981Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Culture ClubChurch of the Poison MindKV10239938Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 David ArchuletaA Little Too Not Over YouPH16845Party Tyme
 David ArchuletaYou CanPH16848Party Tyme
 David GuettaFlamesKV10239947Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 David Lee RothGoin' CrazyPH19578Party Tyme
 David Lee RothJust Like ParadisePH19580Party Tyme
 David Lee RothYankee RosePH19582Party Tyme
 David MartialOh La La LilyKV10239660Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 David PabonAprenderePH41090Party Tyme
 David TavareHot Summer Night (Oh La La La)PH23667Party Tyme
 David TavareHot Summer Night (Oh La La La)PY23667Party Tyme
 David ZowieHouse Every WeekendPH01861Party Tyme
 David ZowieHouse Every WeekendPY01861Party Tyme
 Dean MartinRed Roses for a Blue LadyKV10242950Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Deana CarterDid I Shave My Legs for This?KV10239233Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Demi LovatoTell Me You Love MePH02768Party Tyme
 Demi LovatoTell Me You Love MePY02768Party Tyme
 DevoGirl U WantKV10239948Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 DidoLife For RentPH23782Party Tyme
 DidoLife For RentPY23782Party Tyme
 DidoWhite FlagPH24143Party Tyme
 DidoWhite FlagPY24143Party Tyme
 Die Fantastischen VierTunnelKV10242799Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Die Fantastischen VierZusammenKV10240831Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Dierks BentleyWoman, AmenKV10239953Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 DjavanFlor De LisPH45313Party Tyme
 Domenico ModugnoComo Has HechoPH41117Party Tyme
 Don HenleyNew York MinutePH21950Party Tyme
 Donna LewisI Love You Always ForeverPH11975Party Tyme
 Donna LewisI Love You Always Forever (Dance Remix)PH01507Party Tyme
 Donna LewisI Love You Always Forever (Dance Remix)PY01507Party Tyme
 Doris DayEverybody Loves a LoverKV10239626Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Doris DayIt's MagicKV10242687Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Dua LipaBlow Your Mind (Mwah) (Acoustic)KV10243306Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Dua LipaHotter Than HellKV10243090Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 E.U.Da' ButtKV10242667Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ed SheeranCandle in the Wind (2018 Version)KV10241382Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Eddy ArnoldAnytimePH19527Party Tyme
 Eddy ArnoldAnytimePY19527Party Tyme
 Edith MarquezMi Error Mi FantasiaPH41192Party Tyme
 Edith MarquezSobre Tu CruzPH41191Party Tyme
 Ednita NazarioAprenderePH41199Party Tyme
 Ednita NazarioTres DeseosPY11278Party Tyme
 El SimboloQue Si Que NoPH41276Party Tyme
 El TriA.d.o.PH44667Party Tyme
 Ellie GouldingFigure 8PH23596Party Tyme
 Ellie GouldingFigure 8PY23596Party Tyme
 Elton JohnSad Songs (Say So Much)PH02865Party Tyme
 Elton JohnSad Songs (Say So Much)PY02865Party Tyme
 Elton John & Chris ReaIf You Were MePH11382Party Tyme
 Elton John & Chris ReaIf You Were MePY11382Party Tyme
 Elvis PresleyBringing It BackKV10241071Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Elvis PresleyFollow That DreamKV10239141Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Elvis PresleyKU-U-I-POKV10240812Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Elvis PresleyRubberneckin'KV10241552Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 EmmanuelEl BodegueroPH41310Party Tyme
 Engelbert HumperdinckThey Say It's WonderfulKV10243441Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Enrico FarinaItaliaPH10849Party Tyme
 Enrico FarinaItaliaPY10849Party Tyme
 Enrico FarinaNon Ti Scordar Di MePH10850Party Tyme
 Enrico FarinaNon Ti Scordar Di MePY10850Party Tyme
 Enrico FarinaUn Amore Cosi GrandePH10856Party Tyme
 Enrico FarinaUn Amore Cosi GrandePY10856Party Tyme
 Ernest TubbThanks A LotPH20258Party Tyme
 Ernest TubbThanks A LotPY20258Party Tyme
 Estela RavalCuando Te Encuentres SoloPH41381Party Tyme
 Fall Out BoyCenturiesPH01742Party Tyme
 Fall Out BoyCenturiesPY01742Party Tyme
 FastballOut of My HeadKV10240543Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Faul & Wad Ad vs. PnauChangesPH23497Party Tyme
 Faul & Wad Ad vs. PnauChangesPY23497Party Tyme
 Fifth HarmonyThat's My GirlPH02397Party Tyme
 Fifth HarmonyThat's My GirlPY02397Party Tyme
 Five Finger Death PunchGone AwayKV10243431Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Francisco CespedesDonde Esta La VidaPH41454Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraI'll Follow My Secret HeartPH18992Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraI'll Follow My Secret HeartPY18992Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraRoses of PicardyPH18990Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraRoses of PicardyPY18990Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraTell Her You Love HerPH19010Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraTell Her You Love HerPY19010Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraThanks for the MemoryKV10240635Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Frank SinatraWe'll Gather Lilacs In The SpringPH18988Party Tyme
 Frank SinatraWe'll Gather Lilacs In The SpringPY18988Party Tyme
 Frankie ValliI've Got You Under My SkinKV10243241Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gabriella CilmiSweet About MePH24032Party Tyme
 Gabriella CilmiSweet About MePY24032Party Tyme
 GarbageThe World Is Not Enough (Chilled Out mix)KV10241639Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 George EzraHold My GirlKV10240089Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 George JonesWhen the Grass Grows Over MeKV10241387Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gilberto GilToda menina baianaKV10239950Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gina G.Ooh Aah... Just a Little BitKV10243443Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ginette RenoDes croissants de soleilKV10239303Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Girls AloudSound of the UndergroundPH23997Party Tyme
 Girls AloudSound of the UndergroundPY23997Party Tyme
 Gloria EstefanHeaven's What I FeelKV10239564Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gloria EstefanThe 70's 'Moment' Medley (Part 2)KV10242998Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gloria EstefanThe 70's 'Moment' Medley (Part 3)KV10243043Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gloria TreviSi Me Llevas ContigoPH41594Party Tyme
 GlorianaTroublePH02867Party Tyme
 GlorianaTroublePY02867Party Tyme
 Gnarls BarkleyCrazyPH23517Party Tyme
 Gnarls BarkleyCrazyPY23517Party Tyme
 Gold CityOnce Upon A HillPH15573Party Tyme
 Gold CityOnce Upon A HillPY15573Party Tyme
 Gold CityThis Time One More Time Will Do ItPH15691Party Tyme
 Gold CityThis Time One More Time Will Do ItPY15691Party Tyme
 Goo Goo DollsBig MachineKV10242972Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Gordon LightfootRainy Day PeopleKV10243240Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Grupo CaaveralTiene Espinas El RosalPH44927Party Tyme
 Grupo LimiteJuguetePH41621Party Tyme
 Grupo LimiteNo Es Tan FacilPH41622Party Tyme
 Grupo NicheSin SentimientoPH41658Party Tyme
 Guys And DollsAdelaide's LamentKV10241861Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ha-AshAmor A MediasPH44707Party Tyme
 Ha-AshEstes En Donde EstesPH44708Party Tyme
 Ha-AshNo Te Quiero NadaPH41665Party Tyme
 Ha-AshOdio AmartePH44709Party Tyme
 HalseyHim & IKV10239619Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Heinz RühmannLa-Le-LuKV10239146Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Henry CastroMe Voy A Quitar De En MedioPH41701Party Tyme
 H-TownKnockin' Da BootsKV10239650Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Hurricane ChrisA Bay BayKV10239756Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ice CubeIt Was a Good DayKV10239414Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ida Corr ft. Fredde Le GrandLet Me Think About ItPH24273Party Tyme
 Ida Corr ft. Fredde Le GrandLet Me Think About ItPY24273Party Tyme
 Imagine DragonsNext to MeKV10239417Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 IntocableY Todo Para QuePH41743Party Tyme
 J. BalvinAy VamosPH45159Party Tyme
 J. BalvinAy VamosPY45159Party Tyme
 J. BalvinGinzaPH45500Party Tyme
 JadeLooking For Mr. Do RightPH21241Party Tyme
 Jake OwenI Was Jack (You Were Diane)KV10242150Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 James Hype ft. Kelli-LeighMore Than FriendsPH02681Party Tyme
 James Hype ft. Kelli-LeighMore Than FriendsPY02681Party Tyme
 Janet JacksonRunawayKV10239752Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Jason DeruloColorsPH02854Party Tyme
 Jason DeruloColorsPY02854Party Tyme
 Jason DeruloIf I'm LuckyPH02695Party Tyme
 Jason DeruloIf I'm LuckyPY02695Party Tyme
 Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato & Stefflon DonInstructionPH02698Party Tyme
 Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato & Stefflon DonInstructionPY02698Party Tyme
 Jax Jones ft. RAYEYou Don't Know MePH02459Party Tyme
 Jax Jones ft. RAYEYou Don't Know MePY02459Party Tyme
 JeanetteCon Que DerechoPH41815Party Tyme
 Jenni RiveraImbecilPH44661Party Tyme
 Jenni RiveraMiramePH44660Party Tyme
 Jenni RiveraQue Me Vas A DarPH44804Party Tyme
 Jesse & JoyVolverePH41858Party Tyme
 Jessie JQueen (Acoustic)KV10241518Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Joan SebastianDiseamePH45289Party Tyme
 Joe Goddard ft. ValentinaGabrielPH23612Party Tyme
 Joe Goddard ft. ValentinaGabrielPY23612Party Tyme
 John FarnhamA Touch of ParadisePH19595Party Tyme
 John FarnhamA Touch of ParadisePY19595Party Tyme
 Jonas Blue ft. William SingeMamaPH02563Party Tyme
 Jonas Blue ft. William SingeMamaPY02563Party Tyme
 Jordin SparksOne Step At A TimePH23885Party Tyme
 Jordin SparksOne Step At A TimePY23885Party Tyme
 Jorge BenPais TropicalPH45331Party Tyme
 Jose FelicianoFeliz NavidadPH41996Party Tyme
 Jose JoseAmnesiaPH40183Party Tyme
 Jose JoseLo Que No Fue No SeraPH40159Party Tyme
 JuanesMil PedazosPH45101Party Tyme
 Julian LennonCole's SongPH11825Party Tyme
 Juliane WerdingNacht Voll SchattenKV10242926Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Julio IglesiasNo Vengo Ni VoyPH42206Party Tyme
 Julio IglesiasPor El Amor De Una MujerPY11213Party Tyme
 Junior & JorgePiensa En MiPH42254Party Tyme
 Justin Bieber & BloodpopFriendsPH02692Party Tyme
 Justin Bieber & BloodpopFriendsPY02692Party Tyme
 Justin TimberlakeMontanaKV10239362Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kacey MusgravesButterfliesKV10241153Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Karen HardingSay SomethingPH24283Party Tyme
 Karen HardingSay SomethingPY24283Party Tyme
 Kat DahliaCrazyPH23516Party Tyme
 Kat DahliaCrazyPY23516Party Tyme
 Keith UrbanComing HomeKV10241627Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kelly RowlandLike ThisKV10239659Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kenny ChesneyGet AlongPH02880Party Tyme
 Kenny ChesneyGet AlongPY02880Party Tyme
 Kenny LogginsI Am Not HidingPH22219Party Tyme
 Kenny LogginsI Am Not HidingPY22219Party Tyme
 Kenny RankinWhat Matters MostPH19673Party Tyme
 Kenny RankinWhat Matters MostPY19673Party Tyme
 KhalidLove LiesKV10243430Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kiss Me, KateI Hate MenKV10239515Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 KraftwerkDas ModellKV10243440Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kumbia KingsSshhhPH42289Party Tyme
 Kylie MinogueSlowPH23980Party Tyme
 Kylie MinogueSlowPY23980Party Tyme
 Kylie MinogueStop Me from FallingKV10243390Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Kylie MinogueStop Me from Falling (feat. Gente de Zona)KV10243389Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 La BoucheBe My LoverPH00105Party Tyme
 La BoucheSweet DreamsPH01082Party Tyme
 La BoucheSweet Dreams (Dance Mix)PH01702Party Tyme
 La BoucheSweet Dreams (Dance Mix)PY01702Party Tyme
 La LeyEternidadPH42325Party Tyme
 La LupeSi Vuelves TuPH42335Party Tyme
 La Revolucion De Emiliano ZapataComo Te Extrao (Mexicano)PH44934Party Tyme
 La Secta All StarDame Lo Que QuierasPH45398Party Tyme
 La Sonora DinamitaOyePH42371Party Tyme
 La Sonora SantaneraBotecito De VelaPH42376Party Tyme
 Lady GagaStarstruckPH17067Party Tyme
 Lady GagaStarstruckPY17067Party Tyme
 Lalah HathawayForever, For Always, For LoveKV10240561Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Laura PausiniEn Cambio NoPH42394Party Tyme
 Laura PausiniEn Cambio NoPY42394Party Tyme
 Le ClickTonight Is The NightPH01150Party Tyme
 Lee Ann WomackYou've Got to Talk to MeKV10242532Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Lee GreenwoodI Still BelievePH19634Party Tyme
 Lee GreenwoodI Still BelievePY19634Party Tyme
 Lee RyanTurn Your Car AroundKV10239685Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Leona LewisFootprints In The SandPH16773Party Tyme
 Les Paul & Mary FordThe World Is Waiting For The SunrisePH18090Party Tyme
 Les Trois AccordsTout nu sur la plageKV10241692Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 LioFallait pas commencerKV10242629Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 LonestarWhat About NowKV10241751Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Los Embajadores CriollosOdiamePH42557Party Tyme
 Los Hermanos RosarioUn Beso Y Una FlorPH42593Party Tyme
 Los Hijos De Puerto RicoSeparadosPH44697Party Tyme
 Los IracundosLa BambolaPH42609Party Tyme
 Los IracundosLa BambolaPY42609Party Tyme
 Los KipusYo Perdi El CorazonPH42621Party Tyme
 Los MorochucosTodos VuelvenPH42637Party Tyme
 Los Pasteles VerdesRecuerdos De Una NochePH42664Party Tyme
 Los Tigres Del NorteDirecto Al CorazonPH45406Party Tyme
 Lost FrequenciesWhat Is Love 2016PH02435Party Tyme
 Lost FrequenciesWhat Is Love 2016PY02435Party Tyme
 Louisa JohnsonSo GoodPH02396Party Tyme
 Louisa JohnsonSo GoodPY02396Party Tyme
 Luis Eduardo AuteSin Tu LatidoPH42780Party Tyme
 Luis MiguelHasta El FinPH45117Party Tyme
 Luis MiguelHasta Que Me OlvidesPH42879Party Tyme
 Luis MiguelMotivos (Un Motivo)PH44482Party Tyme
 Luis MiguelSuavePH42885Party Tyme
 Luis MiguelSuavePY11285Party Tyme
 Luke CombsOne Number AwayKV10239922Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Lutricia McNealStrandedKV10239649Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mac DavisTequila SheilaKV10239697Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Maggie RoseSmoothKV10242225Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Major HarrisLove Won't Let Me WaitKV10240365Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 ManaBuscandolaPH42967Party Tyme
 ManaClavado En Un BarPH42952Party Tyme
 ManaComo DiablosPH42969Party Tyme
 ManaComo Dueles En Los LabiosPH42953Party Tyme
 ManaComo Te DeseoPH42970Party Tyme
 ManaIroniaPH45485Party Tyme
 Mana & Prince RoyceEl Verdadero Amor PerdonaPH45283Party Tyme
 Mandy MooreThe Way To My HeartPH17529Party Tyme
 Manny ManuelEn Este MomentoPH42986Party Tyme
 Marcelo San JuanTu Eres Esa Chica EnamoradaPH43011Party Tyme
 Marie-Pier PerreaultVivre en amourKV10239492Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mario LanzaBecausePH19583Party Tyme
 Mario LanzaBecausePY19583Party Tyme
 Maritza RodriguezIlusion PerdidaPH43090Party Tyme
 Maroon 5Sweetest GoodbyeKV10243640Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Maroon 5 ft. FutureColdPH02483Party Tyme
 Maroon 5 ft. FutureColdPY02483Party Tyme
 Martin JensenSolo DancePH02487Party Tyme
 Martin JensenSolo DancePY02487Party Tyme
 Martina McBrideHeart TroubleKV10243252Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Masato Shimon (子門 真人)Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun (およげ!たいやきくん)KV10241868Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 MassielEresPH43096Party Tyme
 Matia BazarTi SentoKV10241206Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 MeatloafTwo Out of Three Ain't BadPH02875Party Tyme
 MeatloafTwo Out of Three Ain't BadPY02875Party Tyme
 Melina LeonA Quien Vas A EngaarPH45412Party Tyme
 Melina LeonDemasiado MujerPH43122Party Tyme
 Melody GardotLa vie en roseKV10240382Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Merle HaggardIf I Could Only FlyKV10239757Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Michael BubleEverythingPH23581Party Tyme
 Michael BubleEverythingPY23581Party Tyme
 Michael JohnsonI'll Always Love YouKV10239686Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Michael Patrick KellyRoundaboutsKV10242951Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mickie KrauseFür die EwigkeitKV10241974Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 MigosBad and BoujeeKV10239405Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Mike PurkeyHallelujah AnyhowPH15425Party Tyme
 Mike PurkeyHallelujah AnyhowPY15425Party Tyme
 Miki HowardLove Will Find A WayPH20753Party Tyme
 Miki HowardLove Will Find A WayPY20753Party Tyme
 Miki HowardMy FriendPH20755Party Tyme
 Miki HowardMy FriendPY20755Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusStart All OverPH16726Party Tyme
 Miley CyrusStart All OverPY16726Party Tyme
 Mk ft. Becky HillPiece of MePH02327Party Tyme
 Mk ft. Becky HillPiece of MePY02327Party Tyme
 MoanaVoll gerneKV10242144Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Molly HatchetGator CountryPH02873Party Tyme
 Molly HatchetGator CountryPY02873Party Tyme
 MotelDime VenPH43193Party Tyme
 MotelOlvidamePH43194Party Tyme
 MotelSomos AirePH44870Party Tyme
 Mr. ProbzWavesPH24118Party Tyme
 Mr. ProbzWavesPY24118Party Tyme
 Naked EyesAlways Something There To Remind MePH02869Party Tyme
 Naked EyesAlways Something There To Remind MePY02869Party Tyme
 NapoleonCelosPH43221Party Tyme
 NapoleonDespues De TantoPH43218Party Tyme
 NapoleonElla Se LlamabaPH43216Party Tyme
 NapoleonEresPH43219Party Tyme
 NapoleonHombrePH43217Party Tyme
 NapoleonLo Que No Fue No SeraPH43222Party Tyme
 NapoleonVivePH43220Party Tyme
 Neiked ft. DyoSexualPH02395Party Tyme
 Neiked ft. DyoSexualPY02395Party Tyme
 NickelbackToo BadPH24078Party Tyme
 NickelbackToo BadPY24078Party Tyme
 Nine DaysAbsolutely (Story of a Girl)PH14016Party Tyme
 Nino BravoUn Beso Y Una FlorPH43302Party Tyme
 No DoubtSimple Kind of LifeKV10243216Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Oklahoma!I Cain't Say NoKV10239277Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Oliver Heldens ft. KstewartLast All Night (Koala)PH24248Party Tyme
 Oliver Heldens ft. KstewartLast All Night (Koala)PY24248Party Tyme
 Olly Murs ft. Demi LovatoUpPH24295Party Tyme
 Olly Murs ft. Demi LovatoUpPY24295Party Tyme
 OMIHula HoopPH01975Party Tyme
 OMIHula HoopPY01975Party Tyme
 Oscar ChavezPor TiPH43382Party Tyme
 Pablo CruiseWhatcha Gonna Do?KV10239941Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Panic! At the DiscoSay Amen (Saturday Night)KV10239939Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Paquita La Del BarrioImploracionPH43474Party Tyme
 Paquita La Del BarrioQue Me Vas A Dar Si VuelvoPH43468Party Tyme
 Paul CarrackI Need YouKV10241394Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Paulina RubioAyudamePH43500Party Tyme
 Pedro FernandezComo Te ExtraoPH43529Party Tyme
 Pedro FernandezPara Bien O Para MalPH43535Party Tyme
 Pedro FernandezSin VertePH43537Party Tyme
 Pepe AguilarMe Falta ValorPH43551Party Tyme
 Pepe AguilarPor Una Mujer BonitaPH43564Party Tyme
 PerfectAle w koło jest wesołoKV10239361Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 PerfectChcemy być sobąKV10239514Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Phil VassarAmerican ChildKV10243378Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Phyllis HymanI'm Truly YoursPH15063Party Tyme
 Plain White T's1, 2, 3, 4PH02866Party Tyme
 Plain White T's1, 2, 3, 4PY02866Party Tyme
 PocahontasJust Around the RiverbendKV10241747Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Postmodern JukeboxWhat is LoveKV10241078Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Postmodern JukeboxZombieKV10242954Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Quad City DJ'sC'mon 'N' Ride It (The Train)PH22105Party Tyme
 Quad City DJ'sC'mon 'N' Ride It (The Train)PY22105Party Tyme
 Quad City DJ'sSpace JamPH22152Party Tyme
 R. KellyStep in the Name of LoveKV10243615Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 RaeLynnQueens Don'tKV10241897Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Rag'n'Bone ManHumanPH02380Party Tyme
 Rag'n'Bone ManHumanPY02380Party Tyme
 Ramon AyalaMi GolondrinaPH43661Party Tyme
 Real ChicanoEl GusanitoPH43739Party Tyme
 ReikInolvidablePH43740Party Tyme
 Rene GonzalezDespues De La CaidaPH43750Party Tyme
 Rene GonzalezMi IglesiaPH43753Party Tyme
 REO SpeedwagonTime for Me to FlyKV10239603Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ricardo MontanerSolo Con Un BesoPH43849Party Tyme
 Richard MarxThe Way She Loves MeKV10239544Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Rick DerringerRock And Roll, Hoochie KooPH02876Party Tyme
 Rick DerringerRock And Roll, Hoochie KooPY02876Party Tyme
 Ricky MartinCome To MePH14267Party Tyme
 Ricky MartinShe BangsPH14038Party Tyme
 Ricky MartinSpanish EyesPH13411Party Tyme
 Ricky MartinVueloPH43879Party Tyme
 Ricky SkaggsHoney (Open That Door)KV10241905Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 RoachfordCuddly ToyKV10242143Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Robert GouletIf I Ruled The WorldPH12161Party Tyme
 Robert PalmerShe Makes My DayKV10241797Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Roberto CarlosJesucristoPH43920Party Tyme
 Roberto LedesmaSe Me Olvido Tu NombrePH43943Party Tyme
 Robin SchulzUnforgettableKV10239502Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Rocio DurcalQue Mas Quieres De MiPH43976Party Tyme
 Rod StewartI Can't Deny ItPH14270Party Tyme
 Roger WhittakerEin bisschen AromaKV10243644Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Ronnie HinsonI Prayed Through TodayPH15475Party Tyme
 Ronnie HinsonI Prayed Through TodayPY15475Party Tyme
 Ruben BladesTodos VuelvenPH44044Party Tyme
 SafireThinking of YouPH19850Party Tyme
 Samantha FoxI Only Want To Be With YouPH18465Party Tyme
 Samantha MumbaGotta Tell YouPH16113Party Tyme
 Sandra & AndresStorybook ChildrenKV10243251Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 SandroSe Te NotaPH44077Party Tyme
 Santos ColonLoco Por TiPH44098Party Tyme
 Sarah BrightmanHaremPH16376Party Tyme
 Sawyer BrownRound HerePH21938Party Tyme
 Sawyer BrownRound HerePY21938Party Tyme
 SealThe Right LifePH24058Party Tyme
 SealThe Right LifePY24058Party Tyme
 Shakin' StevensIt's LateKV10242504Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Shakin' StevensSea of LoveKV10240813Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Shawn MendesIn My BloodPH02856Party Tyme
 Shawn MendesIn My BloodPY02856Party Tyme
 Sheena EastonStrutPH18478Party Tyme
 Sherrie AustinLittle BirdPH13704Party Tyme
 Shirley BasseyThe Show Must Go OnKV10241842Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 SidoBilder im KopfKV10240844Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Silvana Di LorenzoMe Muero Por Estar ContigoPH44133Party Tyme
 Simone KleinsmaOmarm meKV10239671Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Sin BanderaSirenaPH44147Party Tyme
 Sofía Reyes1, 2, 3KV10239428Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Steve WarinerI'm Already TakenPH13755Party Tyme
 SupertrampBreakfast In AmericaPH02878Party Tyme
 SupertrampBreakfast In AmericaPY02878Party Tyme
 SupertrampDon't Leave Me NowKV10240383Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 TatianaHoy Tengo Que Decirte PapaPH44202Party Tyme
 TatuAll The Things She SaidPH23414Party Tyme
 TatuAll The Things She SaidPY23414Party Tyme
 The 2 Live CrewMe So HornyKV10239696Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With YouPH02877Party Tyme
 The BeatlesI'm Happy Just To Dance With YouPY02877Party Tyme
 The Bee GeesEyes That See In The DarkPH19239Party Tyme
 The Bee GeesEyes That See In The DarkPY19239Party Tyme
 The CranberriesDreamsPH11667Party Tyme
 The CranberriesDreamsPY11667Party Tyme
 The CranberriesLingerPH21325Party Tyme
 The CranberriesLingerPY21325Party Tyme
 The CranberriesRidiculous ThoughtsPH21785Party Tyme
 The CranberriesRidiculous ThoughtsPY21785Party Tyme
 The DramaticsWhatcha See Is Whatcha GetKV10239152Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The FortunesHere Comes That Rainy Day Feeling AgainKV10239684Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Guess WhoNo Sugar Tonight / New Mother NatureKV10242512Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Kids From FameStarmakerKV10241970Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Lion KingHakuna Matata (Version française)KV10241926Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Lion KingSoyez prêtesKV10242252Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Lucy NationAlrightPH13493Party Tyme
 The NelonsI Will Talk To The FatherPH15484Party Tyme
 The NelonsI Will Talk To The FatherPY15484Party Tyme
 The ProclaimersI'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)PH18102Party Tyme
 The ProclaimersI'm On My WayPH18031Party Tyme
 The Pussycat DollsI Hate This PartPH23687Party Tyme
 The Pussycat DollsI Hate This PartPY23687Party Tyme
 The Smashing PumpkinsDisarmKV10239450Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The Ting TingsGreat DJPH23636Party Tyme
 The Ting TingsGreat DJPY23636Party Tyme
 The WallflowersSleepwalkerKV10242511Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 The WantedAll Time LowPH23415Party Tyme
 The WantedAll Time LowPY23415Party Tyme
 The WantedI Found YouPH23684Party Tyme
 The WantedI Found YouPY23684Party Tyme
 Third Eye BlindNever Let You GoKV10241794Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Tieks ft. Dan HarknaSunshinePH02328Party Tyme
 Tieks ft. Dan HarknaSunshinePY02328Party Tyme
 TiestoRed LightsPH23927Party Tyme
 TiestoRed LightsPY23927Party Tyme
 Tim Akers & The Smoking SectionUptown FunkKV10243620Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 TimbiricheAmor PrimeroPH44812Party Tyme
 TimbiricheBesos De CenizaPH44255Party Tyme
 TimbiricheMagico AmorPH44908Party Tyme
 TimbiricheMamaPH44258Party Tyme
 TimbiricheMirame (Cuestion De Tiempo)PH44813Party Tyme
 TimbiricheSi No Es AhoraPH44941Party Tyme
 Tina TurnerSomething Beautiful RemainsPH12572Party Tyme
 Tito RojasSeora De MadrugadaPH44313Party Tyme
 Tom JonesIf I Only KnewKV10242760Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Tom PettyYou Got LuckyKV10242970Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Tone DamliButterfliesPH17167Party Tyme
 Too RosarioDe Lo Que Te Has PerdidoPH44352Party Tyme
 Tove LoHabitsPH24229Party Tyme
 Tove LoHabitsPY24229Party Tyme
 Trace AdkinsNo Thinkin' ThingKV10241391Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Tradicional InfantilLa MeriendaPH44387Party Tyme
 TravisFlowers In The WindowKV10243089Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Travis TrittStart The CarKV10242510Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Trisha YearwoodYou Can Sleep While I DriveKV10242720Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 TrooperWe're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)KV10241154Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 TweetBoogie 2 NitePH23459Party Tyme
 TweetBoogie 2 NitePY23459Party Tyme
 Ty HerndonSteamKV10242586Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Usher & Alicia KeysMy BooPH14979Party Tyme
 Usher & Alicia KeysMy BooPY14979Party Tyme
 Vance JoyWe're Going HomeKV10242142Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Vanessa ParadisMaxouKV10238995Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Various - Gospel vs1Just A Closer Walk With TheePH15526Party Tyme
 Various - Gospel vs1Just A Closer Walk With TheePY15526Party Tyme
 Various - Hanukkah MusicSov, Sov, Sov - My DreidlePH16001Party Tyme
 Various - IrishDid Your Mother Come From IrelandPH16407Party Tyme
 Various - IrishDid Your Mother Come From IrelandPY16407Party Tyme
 Various - LatinGirl From IpanemaPH19294Party Tyme
 Various - LatinGirl From IpanemaPY19294Party Tyme
 Various - StandardBluesettePH19295Party Tyme
 Various - StandardBluesettePY19295Party Tyme
 Various - StandardHow Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The FarmPH11432Party Tyme
 Various - StandardHow Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The FarmPY11432Party Tyme
 Various - StandardThe Lamp Is LowPH19605Party Tyme
 Various - StandardThe Lamp Is LowPY19605Party Tyme
 Various - StandardThere's A Lull In My LifePH19608Party Tyme
 Various - StandardThere's A Lull In My LifePY19608Party Tyme
 Vera LynnLand of Hope and GloryKV10243367Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Vern GosdinIf You're Gonna Do Me Wrong (Do It Right)KV10240333Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Vicente FernandezAprendiste A VolarPH44435Party Tyme
 Vicente FernandezEstos CelosPH44446Party Tyme
 Vicente FernandezLastima Que Seas AjenaPH21226Party Tyme
 Vicente FernandezLastima Que Seas AjenaPY21226Party Tyme
 Vicente FernandezMi Amigo El TordilloPH44970Party Tyme
 Vicente FernandezNo Creo Que TuPH44462Party Tyme
 Victor LiendoEl PorroPH44493Party Tyme
 Wade HayesWichita LinemanKV10242248Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 WarLow RiderPH02874Party Tyme
 WarLow RiderPY02874Party Tyme
 WestlifeBop Bop BabyPH23463Party Tyme
 WestlifeBop Bop BabyPY23463Party Tyme
 WhitesnakeHere I Go AgainPH00461Party Tyme
 WhitesnakeHere I Go AgainPY00461Party Tyme
 WhitesnakeSlow An' EasyPH19571Party Tyme
 WhitesnakeSlow An' EasyPY19571Party Tyme
 Whitney Houston & Cece WinansCount On MePH11799Party Tyme
 Willie NelsonSomething You Get ThroughKV10242655Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
 Wisin & Prince RoyceTu LibertadPH45463Party Tyme
 Wisin & Prince RoyceTu LibertadPY45463Party Tyme
 YesRoundaboutPH02323Party Tyme
 YesRoundaboutPY02323Party Tyme
 Yvonne CatterfeldGanz großes KinoKV10239946Karaoke-VersionKaraoke-Version
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